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FAQs & Help

The City of Louisville provides city services to residents including water, sewer, trash, fire/rescue, street maintenance to name a few. The City office is located on Main Street. City office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for holidays. The City office offers residents a DROP BOX located at the rear (east side) of the building for after hour payments. A drive through window is also available during office hours.

The City Governing Body

The City Governing Body consists of Mayor Rod Petersen and four City Council Members: Jerry McClun, Jamion Biesterfeld, Paul Pankonin and Justin Barnes. Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at Louisville City Hall, 210 Main St.

Open Meetings Act
City Clerk & Deputy Clerk

The City Clerk and Deputy Clerk handle water, sewer and trash accounts, as well as a number of other City business activities such as the City Ordinances, building permits, dog and cat licensing, parking fines, liquor and tobacco licenses, City budget, etc. The City Clerk is Dee Arias and the Deputy Clerk is Sheryl Gaston.

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department handles road repairs, snow removal, water/sewer line repairs, etc. Maintenance personnel are Joel Jones, Preston Derby, Tyler Groves, Deantwon Harrell, Josh Magee and Elliott Smart. For emergencies please call 402-957-7866.

Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

The Fire Chief is Jason McClun and the Rescue Captain is Mike Hoover. If anyone is interested in being a volunteer, contact the City Office to have your information forwarded to the chief and/or captain.

The Louisville Planning Commission

The Louisville Planning Commission is comprised of the following members: Chairperson Ronda Anderson, Jeff Ryan, Justin Barnes, Jim Ryan, Ryan Beck, Chuck Meyer, Keith Witte and Roy Hudson. The Planning Commission meets once a quarter on Monday of the week prior to the City Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. or as needed at City Hall.

The Louisville Library

http://louisvillenelibrary.com The Louisville Library is located at 217 Main Street. The librarian is Darla McDonald and the Library Board consists of Laura McKeen, Heidi Wilhelm, Patty Hibler, Stacee Schmidt-Cottrell and Tami Michalski. Library Board meetings as held the Monday before the city council meetings at 6:00 p.m. at the library.

Community Center

The Louisville Community Center is located at 423 Elm Street. The center may be rented for receptions, anniversary and birthday parties, family reunions, or other special events for the following fees: Main Hall – (includes kitchen) $100/day, Office Meeting Room $25/day, Main Hall half day – $50. For reservations call city hall 402-234- 7605.

Louisville Care Community

http://louisvillecarecenter.com The city owns the Louisville Care Community facility that includes long term care, assisted living apartments, physical therapy and other services. Call them at 402-234- 2125 for more information.

Council Meetings

The City Council meetings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend. If a particular subject needs to be brought to the Council’s attention, arrangements should be made with the City Clerk twenty-four hours prior to the regular Council meeting to have the item placed on the agenda. The City Council meets once a month, the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Agendas are kept current with the city clerk. Notices of meetings are posted in advance at the City Office, Pinnacle Bank and the Louisville Post Office.

  • CITY COUNCIL April 10, 2024                                                                                                             Louisville, NE A meeting of the City Council of the City of Louisville was held on April 10, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.  Present were Mayor Rod Petersen, Council Members Jerry McClun, Jamion Biesterfeld,

  • CITY COUNCIL April 2, 2024                                                                                                               Louisville, NE A special meeting of the City Council of the City of Louisville was held on April 2, 2024 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.  Present were Mayor Rod Petersen, Council Members Jamion Biesterfeld, Paul

  • CITY COUNCIL March 13, 2024                                                                                                           Louisville, NE A meeting of the City Council of the City of Louisville was held on March 13, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.  Present were Mayor Rod Petersen, Council Members Justin Barnes and Paul

City services


Water services
Water/Sewer service is provided by the City of Louisville. Please contact city hall for more information or to set up service. 210 Main Street. 402-234- 7605. deputyclerk@louisvillene.com


Power services in Louisville
Electricity is provided by Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) and they can be reached at 89 Main Street. 402-234- 2455


Gas services in Louisville
Gas service is provided by Black Hills Energy and they can be reached at 888-890- 5554
City of Louisville Nebraska


Trash services in Louisville
The City is contracted with Papillion Sanitation. Each household is provided with a toter. The toter shall be placed at the curb before 6:00 a.m. every Thursday morning. Papillion Sanitation will not accept car batteries, paint or white goods (appliances). Tree and brush limbs will be accepted in 4’ lengths or less in bundles only. Leaves and grass clippings will only be accepted December through March. Papillion Sanitation is scheduled every Thursday unless a holiday falls on Monday and then pick up will be one day late. Contact the Clerk for information.

The City also offers a free recycle program through Papillion Sanitation. Each household is provided with a recycle container that is to be placed at the curb every other Thursday morning by 6:00a.m. Acceptable items are newspapers, tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, magazines, catalogs, paperback books, junk mail and cards.

Papillion Sanitation offers a Spring, Summer and Fall Clean Up Day in May, August and
November to the City at no cost. Notices can be found on flyers around town.


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