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About Louisville

“We’re Closer Than You Think”

City of Louisville history…

Louisville is a small town settled between Omaha and Lincoln. Holding a little over 1,000 people, Louisville is home to many and a great destination for parks, people, and plenty of fun! Stop by today for small-town comfort and friendly people.


Louisville, We’re Closer Than You Think.

Major events in Louisville

Current Day
Louisville Nebraska

Louisville has grown to a population of over 1,100 as of 2018.

Louisville continues to grow as a small town in Nebraska.

Town residents still hold true to the values it began with but looks forward to a bright future.

Robbers and Outlaws
wild wild wet louisville

In 1909, a Counterfeiter’s outfit was found in the back of the Gold Dust Saloon.

On April 1941, the then Home State Bank was robbed by a lone bandit who was eventually apprehended in St. Louis, Missouri.

Many Outlaws also passed through Louisville during its early days.

Cloudburst / Tornado
Louisville tornado

In 1908 a cyclone hit Louisville.

It destroyed and flipped many houses and businesses.

3,000 people from surrounding areas came to view the damage.

In 1923 cloudburst hit Louisville killing 12.

The waters rose so high it swept away houses along Mill Creek running through town.

Built in 1882
Ash Grove

Ash Grove is a large cement manufacturer in town.

Originally built to keep with the growing demand for cement and still runs today.

When Building Ash Grove, a mammoth skeleton was found and is one of the only skeletons found in Nebraska.

Bridges & Trains
Bridges & Trains

1909 The first Toll Bridge was built crossing the Platte River.

The bridge soon led to the Missouri Pacific Depot creating a station in Louisville.

Louisville’s Castle
Lousville history

An original landmark in the small town that overlooked Ash Grove.


Mainly built out of limestone in 1885.


Was built to house prisoners but was abandoned and torn down soon after.

Small Town Beginnings
Louisville 1857

Louisville was officially founded by Gardner Powers in 1857.


In 1863 The Louisville Post Office was established.

We’re closer than you think

Louisville Map



The statistics above are based on the 2010 U.S. Census Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics for Louisville, Nebraska.


People in City of Louisville

Age population

<19 0
20 - 39 0
40 - 59 0
60 - 79 0
>80 0


The statistics above are based on the2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-year Estimates for the Louisville Precinct and the Nebraska Chamber’s 2015 Competitiveness Redbook.


Average Louisville income

Housing & Social


Median value of owner-occupied housing units


Number of housing units

High school grad or higher



Total students


Secondary Students (6-12)


Elementary students (K-5)


Pre - K

B.U.I.L.D. Organization


Businesses United In Louisville’s Development (B.U.I.L.D.) is the city’s business organization – similar to a chamber of commerce. The committee works on annual events such as the Last Hot Sunday in July car show, welcoming new residents with welcome bags, marketing the city through advertising, presenting the town by decorating the streets with banners, and promoting economic development. Follow us on Facebook: Businesses United in Louisville’s Development.

Louisville Courier

In 2021 the City of Louisville and B.U.I.L.D Organization members discussed the ability to highlight key events happening throughout the Louisville area.  In conjunction to that they wanted a way to highlight businesses and everything Louisville has to offer.  Thus developing the Louisville Courier.  Each Tuesday the Courier will be updated with the most recent news, information, and events happening throughout the Louisville area.

Click here to read the latest edition.

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